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Tuesday, August 22, 2006



The grossest thing just happened to me. While i was sitting at this very computer, in my bedroom, checking my schedule and writing down where my classes are tomorrow...A bug fell off the ceiling and into my hair, which was draped across my back (i was sorta hunched over)...And after much flailing around and not getting it out (arachnoleptic fit), i ran/flailed into the bathroom and flicked my hair again, and what flips onto the counter????? A fucking COCKROACH! in my HAIR! it TOUCHED my SKIN!


Um, vomit? yeah. thats how i felt. Disgusting. eww. grosss. I grabbed some toilet paper and flushed that fucker immediately. And now i dont want to sleep in my room ever again or turn off the lights. ugh. i shiver thinking about it.

and you know what sucks? I was already in bed when i thought about something i had to take care of online with my bank that i shouldnt wait until tomorrow to do. So i got up. And now i am very un-tired. And i have to wake up at 7-ish. and its 1230am now. Yae. Maybe i will sleep in logan's room. Jeez- that was so yucky i just had to share it with you. plus- my mom is sleeping already and would NOT appreciate me waking her up for this. (altho i think that if it were her, she would wake me!)

Good nite. (ya right. i will have nitemares about bugs now.)

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