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Thursday, August 10, 2006

and it was good

The beach today was great. The water looked beautiful, but was quite a bit colder than 2 days ago. Brisk. Invigorating. But cold. and logan wouldnt go near it at all. even less than the other day. But he played happily in the sand with his shovels and pails. the 3 of us had another lovely day. I hope to do it again on saturday. And then next week as well, since joe is on nights again next week, he will be available during the day to go. I dont really get my "time off" from logan by spending all of joe's time with them but we are having fun as a family and i prefer it that way. Too bad me & joe are still in "limbo". Oh well. things will work out the way they will. I am not stressing it.

What i am stressing is my lack of sleep. why cant i get tired when normal people do? It is almost midnight and i am only just now beginning to feel sleepy. And i am NOT doing what my old counselor told me to (which was just throw back a few glasses of wine a night. Um, hello- thats how dependencies start jackass. and for someone who thought i might have a tendency towards that (why- i dont know, he just did) that isnt exactly the greatest advice. so i quit seeing him. and since my insurance SUCKS and doesnt want to pay for hardly anything, i havent gone and found a new one. i think i will just convince my gyno or my rheumatologist to help me, because i am also not going back to my general family practice guy who charged $205 for 5 minutes with me and wasnt all that nice . i will let you know how that goes.) so i am left not sleeping until late and then sleeping crappy b/c of the arthritis. Blah. And i dont necessarily want a med that will knock me flat out, b/c i need to get up in the morning and be able to wake up if logan does. I just want some thing to relax me in the evening. For a short period- maybe to train my body to get tired then. i dont know. i thought going out in the sun and running around would do it.

It worked for logan. Who i changed bedtime to 9pm for, who tonight for my mom and sister (who were babysitting) was put to bed at 8 b/c he was tired and who promptly passed out in less than 5 minutes. Amazing. I love that little tuckered out kid. well, i am not tuckered out, but i think i will turn in. After i go read all your blogs...nite!

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