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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

doctors bills

$205!! seriously. what in the world could you possibly do in 5 minutes or less worth $205?? probably more than the doctor that billed me. i went to his office (he is a family practice doctor who was on my list of names from my insurance) so that i could get a referral to a rheumatologist. dr.N literally came in the exam room, never ever made eye contact, asked a few questions, told me he was ordering some blood work and referring me to dr.S. and then he walked out. i received a prescription from him for 600mg ibuprofen (for the pain, and it didnt work). i just received notice from my insurance that they will only cover $40 and the rest is my deductible.

$205!?!?!?! that is absolutely outrageous. doctors who charge this much for a less than 5 minute office visit are part of what is ruining health care for everyone else. those sort of prices keep health insurance premiums high and keep people like me from having decent coverage, if any at all. its sick and they should be ashamed of themselves. there. i said it and i'm glad.

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