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Monday, February 27, 2006

nothing new

So, i have nothing new really to post about, but, as usual, its late and i cant sleep. So i will post another boring entry for your enjoyment. (or for you to use to fall asleep, whichever is fine by me)

So, i got promoted sorta at work (i think i told you about it here) so i get to be "in-charge" for one shift a week, plus come in early another day and do the money. Its actually been fun, and they finally got my manager shirts yesterday, so i was all snazzy in my new digs at work tonight. It was fun. All the girls thought it was great. I am easing into being too bossy tho, since i do work as one of them the rest of the week, but this is my chance to make a difference and actually get the lazy ones (there are quite a few) to do some actual work and not get away with the BS they pull with the other managers. So thats nice. Maybe it will pay off, maybe not. They respect me (i think) because i am not asking them to do anything they dont see me doing every other nite of the week, so its going good. Now they are all coming to me with their work-related problems so i can fix them. I only work as a manager one nite a week! i am not gonna be able to do much for some time. Oh well. At least they come. :)

I think my son is sick. Poor kid. the other nite he had a fever of almost 102, but i dont know about the last two days b/c i really havent seen him much since ihave been at work. His daddy didnt check the temp, so i dunno, but he has been a little sniffly and coughing a little. He has only been over his upper respitory infection for about a week and a half now, so i hope he's not getting that again. He was so miserable.

More kiddo news: even tho he's not talking like lots of other kids his age do, he has been trying out a few more words. and he is doing more things and following directions a little better. I think he said my mom's dog's name the other day (Hank) and he does try to say Dog some more now. He also said "tea" at my mom's too. (she shares her tea with him often). When i tell him to pick up his cup and put it on the table, he does (usually) and has been getting ready for bed when i tell him its time. He goes and says bye bye (which involves leaning close to allow everyone to kiss him goodbye and occaisionally he waves) to everyone when we leave places, so his communication skills are improving. Yae. Of course, i know once he starts talking , he will be like me and never shut up. I cant wait.

In other news: i set an appointment to see a Doctor about my inability to sleep. Turns out my school offers free counseling services to students. So, since insomnia is a mental problem usually, they agreed to see me. Yae. And they can prescribe meds if needed and they have a low-cost pharmacy. Maybe they can fix me. Plus maybe i do need to see someone, I am very stressed out lately, so this could be good. I had a girlfriend who always recommended going, but i never wanted to, plus i didnt think i could afford it, but now that its free, i am actually excited to go. I will let you know how it goes. (its not for a few weeks, so)

Well, this is long enough and boring enough, so goood nite!

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