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Thursday, February 02, 2006

so busy now

Well, i finally got my managers to agree to train me as a key employee at work. (thats like a step below manager, but a step above all the other employees). I have been promised this for a long time, and in the past when i would fill in and cover "key" shifts (instead of serve) I was paid better than i am now that i am officially a key. (i kinda insisted it be that way since it was a favor to them then)...Now, i am trading my thurs serving shift for a key shift and i picked up a sunday nite key shift in addition to my sunday morning serving shift. I didnt think this was all that bad. I went to my bosses out of frustration after all the BS from a few weeks ago and told them i didnt think it was fair of them to promise me this position and then choose others over me, and also for them to use me as key without actually being one. And they actually agreed. So tonight was my 1st official shift as a key employee. It was fun (no different than before, but i got paid less)...

When i got home and told my boyfriend about it, he got all upset with me for not discussing it with him 1st. He seems upset that i have increased my workload (by one shift) when i am already busy enough. He says that now we wont see each other hardly at all and it will strain our relationship. He says he works hard so that i can go to school and not have to deal with the restaurant crap forever. I told him i was bored with not doing anything for so long, and now, even tho i am very busy, i like it. I feel like i am getting things done.

I know i said i was only taking 2 classes and then signed up for a third one. (he says i didnt discuss that either, but i talked about for a while before i actually picked up the class) I know i said i wasnt gonna babysit that much and now its twice a week for 7-8 hours. I know i said that i wasnt gonna work more than 3-4 shifts and now i work 5. I like it. I am busy. I dont have time anymore to sit around and be unproductive.

Yes, my house still isnt any cleaner (its not any dirtier tho). But at least now when i dont get something done, I know its because i was too busy, not too lazy. Does that make sense to any of you out there? I am not a good housekeeper anyway, so its not like my chores were getting done anyway. I am doing good in my schoolwork, i am beginning to enjoy my job more, my sister & her husband are changing their schedules so i will have to babysit less...I dont see the problem. My boyfriend and i dont see each other much anyway, i dont know what one more evening is going to matter. (btw- he works 730-500 mon-fri and has band practice mon, wed, fri 7-??) So he is getting to get out and practice with his band 3 nights a week, but gets upset when i do something for myself (even tho its work). I dont get it. He's also upset because of that fact: i dont understand the problem. Oh well. Life goes on.

Logan is still sick btw. He sounds like shit too. I feel so bad that i cant fix him. Going to bed the last few nights has been hell. he gets all worked up and hysterical. I dont want him making a habit of needing me to calm him down for bed. Bedtime has always been so easy with him (we've had a system and a schedule pretty much since he came home from the hospital that we are pretty strict with and it works). Oh well, if it gets messed up, we will just have to start over. I feel for the babysitter tomorrow-- she doesnt know what to do when he freaks out like he has been. She'll probably call me at work all upset that he's upset. :) Oh well, i should really get to bed. (i can sleep in tomorrow - no nephew!) Yae. Maybe logan will sleep late....zzzz

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