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Monday, February 20, 2006

computers suck

So, Joe decided to try to load some sound drivers tonight and totally hosed our computer. He forgot that our version of windows doesnt like our sound card (how it worked in the 1st place, i have yet to figure out)...So i had to reload windows. I still have my pictures and some of my files, but i lost all my bookmarks. And that really bums me out, b/c I had just gotten them back up to status from the last time we did this. I only have the addresses of the blogs on this site now, so i lost all the other addresses i used to visit. I can remember where i found some of them, but not many. I hadnt gotten around to updating my link list recently, so this is a bummer. Plus, all my school links and misc other things i liked to check out are gone too. So i am sad. I have a lot of hunting to do to find them all again. Plus i have this annoying windows registry thing popping up and telling me I have to do something to my registry which i dont want to do...It pops up like every 2 minutes. My dad knows how to turn it off, but since it's 1208am, i cant call him to get his help now. Oh well. WEll, thats all thats new here. I wont bore you with the "cant sleep" thing again. Thanks for the well-wishes tho. Nitey-nite.

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