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Monday, December 12, 2005

what i want from santa

hello. What i really want Santa to bring me for christmas is a brand new, super-duper, kick ass computer. But that is not going to happen. I will have to wait until the new year and use my tax refund to buy myself one. But thats ok. Its just so long from now. My computer crashed the other nite while the boyfriend was trying to reinstall the sound drivers for our sound card. (yes, the ones I accidentally deleted. It said "click here to change/remove" was supposed to give me OPTIONS!! it just disappeared, with out a dialog box saying "Are you sure Dumbass?" and **poof**, no more sound)...and we kept getting the Blue Screen of Death. I dont know how many of you have experienced the blue screen of death, but it is not a pleasant experience. And being the owner of quite of few P.O.S. Computers...I have seen it many times. (I hate the f*ing blue screen of death!!!!) (we already have one computer sitting in the corner b/c we cant figure out what the heck is wrong with it and it wont even boot anymore...) So i wasnt about to be without my computer thru the holidays! Ack...i was already starting to twitch from the thought of withdrawals...So i start nagging my Boyfriend to "Fix it! Fix it!"...but we cant. And then I find the disks...the Windows CD, the Video Card Cd and the Sound Card CD...Yae. A repair doesnt work tho, so we are forced to reinstall. Somehow i was able to keep some things while others were lost forever. All my pictures and some of the programs lasted...but ALL of my bookmarks were gone. I had to find all of your blogs either from memory of from my own links list. And i havent linked to everyone i read yet. Oh, so we installed the drivers for the video card, and then tried to do the sound card. A little message comes up saying something about maybe not being compatible with Windows...And then -- nothing. It just freezes, so i reboot, and BOOM- blue screen of death. Reload windows AGAIN, Video Drivers...and then i decide- we have done without sound so far, we can wait until we have a new computer. Oh well.

Merry Christmas.

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