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Monday, March 31, 2008

long time no write

wow its been forever since i was here last. life is still just as mundane as ever.

i didnt get into the nursing program i applied to and i am kind of bummed about that. But i am looking on the bright side and seeing it as a well deserved break from school until next year when i can apply again. (and to more schools).

work is going well. i am on days, 1st shift (but not as early as i used to!) I applied for my certification (for phlebotomy) so maybe that may pay off one day. school is almost over, thank god. i need that break pretty bad. i am getting pretty burned out.

i am also sick again. this would be the 4th time in 4 months i have strep thoat/tonsilitus. it sucks. i am thinking of having my doctor refer me to an ENT to check out my tonsils. i hate being sick with this crap - its extra sucky. anyway, thats all i got. i think i am going to bed.

thank god i have tomorrow off.

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Sunday, November 04, 2007

it's been a while

wow, its been a little while since i was last here huh? Of course, besides my uncle bob i dont think anyone really reads this anymore... (hi uncle bob! -hey see that link that says "comment" - click it and leave me a comment!!!)

anyway. So much is going on. my sister anna got married, i went on my cruise with the boyfriend, i am moving out this month...i wish i had time for details, but i just dont. I can tell you that the wedding was super fun and went off with out a hitch. My cruise was awesome. me and joe had a spectacular time and got alot talked about regarding our relationship and the direction it is going to be going in. I found a little house to rent and am moving out sometime this month. i am so excited about that!

Well, i have more homework to do, so that is all for now.

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Where i've been

Hello. I know, i know, i keep saying i am going to start writing again, but lets face it...i'm not. I want to, i really do, I just don't have the time anymore. Or rather, I can't justify the time anymore. I need to be spending most of my available free time on my studies or with my kid. Those are the 2 more important things right now and I dont want to jeopardize them in any way.

So, when i have had time lately, instead of logging on to blogger, i have been logging on to my classes website and reading the supplemental information, or doing the homework that is assigned, but not turned in, or reviewing the last few days of lecture get it.

Anyway, things are going good, so thats nice. Anna's wedding is coming up and that means my cruise is coming up and i CANT WAIT!! that's gonna rock. Of course, it will suck missing a full week of school, but i somehow feel it will be well worth the extra work when i return. ;)

Well, it's off to shower and get ready for bed. I've got class in the am. Night night.

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Thursday, August 09, 2007


How is it going? i am never here anymore, i know. I wonder who the few readers are who still stop by... It's funny, i have more time, technically, to write this, but it's during the day when my very active 3 year old is home. and he just doesnt understand when mommy says she cant play because she has to blog. Blog? what is that? does it involve trucks or dirt or dinosaurs? and since it doesnt involve any of those things nor will i let him type (i am still missing my "shift" key) he has no patience for me on the computer. and when a 3 year old loses his patience it is a very noisy ordeal. And now that my dad works from home and is always on the phone and his office is right off the kitchen, we cant be having that. so usually i dont even try.

Besides, i really dont have much to write about. just the same ole same ole. nothing very exciting. I am getting ready for school to start in 2 weeks, adjusting to my new work schedule and trying to figure out the meaning of life. not much really to say. Although, next week I am taking a mini-vacation to Tampa so I can see a concert so that should be fun. The 2 1/2 hour drive wont be, but everything else will be. i am looking forward to it. i find it amazing all the fees and crap ticketmaster tacks on to the price of a ticket tho. unreal. 2 $10 lawn tickets turned into a total of $45 with everything. ugh.

my son has begun to really sing along to his Laurie Berkner Band DVD (and CD) and it is so cute. I love it. He wont do it always if i am in the room with him, but as long as he doesnt think i am watching he will really get into it. If he sees me watching, he will tell me to go and sit down somewhere else or tell me to read or color or something so that i am otherwise occupied. it's adorable. of course its not adorable when he wont eat his lunch or be pleasant in anyway like he is today. argh. he has started doing this whiny-the-world-is-ending freak out thing and it is very much not cool.

well, i have to go pick up the dog from the groomers, we just shaved off all his courage. (the shorter his hair, the wimpier he is!)

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