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Sunday, November 04, 2007

it's been a while

wow, its been a little while since i was last here huh? Of course, besides my uncle bob i dont think anyone really reads this anymore... (hi uncle bob! -hey see that link that says "comment" - click it and leave me a comment!!!)

anyway. So much is going on. my sister anna got married, i went on my cruise with the boyfriend, i am moving out this month...i wish i had time for details, but i just dont. I can tell you that the wedding was super fun and went off with out a hitch. My cruise was awesome. me and joe had a spectacular time and got alot talked about regarding our relationship and the direction it is going to be going in. I found a little house to rent and am moving out sometime this month. i am so excited about that!

Well, i have more homework to do, so that is all for now.

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