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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


well i am in my first week of my new shift at work: 3rd. Yes, i went from 1st to 3rd. From being at work at 4am to not going in until 7pm. i get more hours in less days. plus benefits and all that. And it leaves me with the week off to do other crap. like nothing (which is what i did for most of today) or school (which starts in august). and i get paid more. there is a differential for working 3rd shift, and another for working weekends. i get both. ;) (its not a whole lot, but its still more!) So far, i like it. i only just started, but hey, i am optimistic. One thing thats nice is that you are on your own. there's no one to really bug you because they are being lazy, or in a bad mood. but that can be a downside too, if it's an unusually slow night, there's no one to talk to, and if there's a patient that is a difficult stick, that can suck too. but i can always bring a book or my computer and i will have homework to work on come august. and even tho there times when i just can't get a patient, it doesnt happen too often. So...i am happy.

I have my window open right now in my room and there is a bee buzzing against my screen. hopefully i can get the bugger out when i try to shut my window. we have those crank windows so a bug can get trapped in between the window and the screen and that buzzing will drive me nuts! that is why i dont normally open that window, but with my new has a shelf that comes higher than the window crank on my other window and i am too short to reach over it. ;)
I bought school supplies today. yae. i think after either this paycheck or the next one i will pay my tuition and buy my books. no waiting until the last minute like usual. (at least before i had financial aid and my tuition was automatically deferred and paid so i didnt have to worry about it) i dont want to have any problems with forgetting to pay on time and getting dropped from my classes (that has happened to me and my two sisters...what a pain trying to get back into your classes the day before!) anyway. books are going to be pricey this year. luckily my sister is finishing one of the classes i need and they are using the same book, so thats $140 i dont have to spend. I still have to get the lab manual, and even that's expensive, but i'm saving some money at least.

well, not really alot to talk about.

i started getting my legs waxed. it is so awesome. I dont know why i didnt do this before. well, ya i do, i thought it was a waste of money and vain and all that, but if i want smooth legs (which i do, i wear shorts most of the year, its hot as hell here in florida, and my leg hair is dark & there's a lot of it) i have to shave at least 2 times a week. and my legs hated me for it. i went thru razors so fast, and i use the expensive mach3... so i had received a gift card to this spa and decided to try it out, since i wasnt spending my money on it and now i am hooked. i've been 3 times in about 8 or 9 weeks. she said it takes about 3 sessions before everything starts growing at the same rate and then we can probably start spacing the sessions out even farther. some people only have to come once every 6-7 weeks. even tho some of the hair has grown back before each time, it was sparse and didnt look like i hadnt shaved. and there's no razor burn or nicks or dry's so cool. theres also no 5-o-clock shadow thing the next day either. it takes days for there to be any prickley at all and even then, its nothing compared to how it used to be. i love it and am officially recommending it to everyone. it doesnt hurt, (sure it stings for a second, but its nothing!) and it lasts! ok. i am done. just wanted to share that with everyone. (all 3 of you still out there reading this)

well, i am going to bed now. i am trying to figure out how i am going to get a nap in sometime tomorrow before i go into work. i picked up a shift tomorrow night and need to sleep a little before i go in...maybe logan will go to daycare tomorrow for a few hours (he normally only goes mon, wed, fri)...or maybe the sitter will want a few bucks. we'll see.

nitey nite.

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