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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

sick kid

I hate it when my son is sick. Because as a mom, you just want to fix everything and make it better and most times when they're sick, you just cant do anything. Logan had a really good day yesterday. He went to bed decent and seeming like he felt just fine. But then he woke up this morning mopey and crying and with a fever. He's been on the couch all morning. I offered him the tylenol soft chew things instead of the liquid, just to see if he would take them, and he ate them but he didnt like the way they tasted, gagged when he tried to swallow and ended up throwing up all the chocolate milk he'd had this morning. gross. so i gave him some water and some regular liquid tylenol and now he's asleep and his fever is down. *sigh* and it's not even 10.

I knew today wasn't going to be fun... when i woke up at 4 am (on my day off!) b/c my hand was aching so bad. It was raining out and i was sleepy, so i just went back to sleep. Or i tried to. My hand was aching so badly it kept waking me up. So finally just before 7-i did get up and ran a really hot bath to soak in. It sort of helped. a little. but it still hurts pretty bad today. oh well. not much to do about it really. I took my meds, i soaked it, i am using it and stretching it out and all that, so...

Anyway...I put in my admission forms at school. I am attending ucf, but going to take classes at the community college (its cheaper and closer) so i am waiting for the transient student forms to be processed and then i can register for classes. Yae. but I am getting all nervous when i really stop and think about it, i am taking these prereqs for this nursing program that i cant apply for until the end of the fall semester, but before jan 15th. And it's pretty competitive. something like 150 apply, but only 60 get in. So if i dont get in, where does that leave me? hmmm...So altho i dont want to focus on that and get myself all stressed out, i do sort of need a back up plan. right? i think i do. I have decided not to tell everyone yet about my plan to be a nurse just in case i dont get in.

Well, i am going to lay on the couch with my boy.

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