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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


well, i am beginning the boring task of scanning in the first of many pictures from my sister's wedding. My mom didnt get them all developed to a cd, so i am scanning in the good ones. And the scanner is soooo slow. (if i want them scanned at a decent rate) so...i am in the office (where the scanner is) and kathleen is in the kid room with logan keeping him entertained so that i can do this without him asking to "play" (play = watch noggin on the pc).

this really is quite boring. i can only fit 3-4 pics at a time.'s life?

life is going good here. nothing super exciting. i have an appointment to go speak with an adviser at ucf about their accelerated nursing program, so thats good. and i got my $.75 raise at work for getting my degree..yae. I am just waiting for the full time 3rd shift/weekend position to post so that i can put in for that. then i will be happy. ;)

well, i have absolutely nothing to say. so see ya.

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