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Friday, June 08, 2007

a new plan?

So i think i have a new plan. And it's one that everyone in my life totally supports.

I think i will become a nurse. There is an accelerated program for people who already have bachelors degrees to get a bachelors in nursing in 1 year (full time, summer, fall, spring, summer). And since there is such a nursing shortage, i would never have trouble finding work. so that is what i am thinking about now.

(I am so indecisive in my life, huh?)

Anyway. I am making an appointment to go to talk to the person in charge of the program at UCF (i am awaiting a response to my email...) I would have a few prereqs to take but I could do that at the community college here in town... And if i go for this program, i am going to buy a new car. Mine just wont make another year of driving back and forth an hour each way to school, and my dad is willing to co-sign if i am getting a degree in something i will have no problem getting a job

anway, thats all about me. Logan is getting so big. I cant believe he turns 3 the end of the month. it really starts to go by fast!! I think i am going to get him this really cool tool bench with all sorts of parts to make a mess with and realistic tools. We are having a pool party for him. I cant wait. potty training is coming along very slowly, but at least it's coming along. it had stopped for a while there, but it seems to be moving along again.

anyway, gotta take the boy outside before he has a cow.


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