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Monday, June 04, 2007

and i thought i would be here...

i thought when school was over, i would have more time to blog, but it turns out, not really. Granted, i am not nearly as busy as i was a few months ago, but i fill my time up pretty good. i get to play with logan until bedtime and then i am worn out myself and turn in too.

so how is life? it's good here. i am a little bummed out because it turns out i got a degree that is not in high demand. Especially around where i live. so i am figuring out exactly what i want to go back to school for. If i decide to go with my original plan, i need to accept the fact that when i am done i will be $15k in debt. if i tweak that plan a bit, i could save a lot of money. So... we'll see. i am sticking with my plan of enjoying my summer tho.

i have an interview at work for the help desk in information systems on wednesday (at the place i already work in the lab). i dont really know if i want the job, but it pays more and utilizes the fact that i have a degree. ;) I probably dont qualify tho. The only "requirement" was a degree. It was preferred to be in computer science and it was preferred to have some programming and other computer knowledge i dont possess. I know my way around a computer ok, and i know the program we use at work and microsoft office, but thats it. oh well, an interview wont hurt anything. my other option at the time is to go full time, 3rd shift weekends in the lab. (you get paid more for working 3rd and for the weekends, so...)

well, thats all for now. maybe i will be back soon, maybe not. ;) we'll see.

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