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Thursday, May 10, 2007

what to do with myself now...

It's very different these days not having school anymore. it's nice not having to race all over always feeling like i am running late and not having any time for anything. I went ahead and downloaded a free online version of the GRE...and it does not look fun. there are 2 writing parts and then there is a math section and a language section. i skipped the writing and checked out the other 2 sections...i did not do good. The math part was frustrating because everything looked familiar, but i couldnt always remember all the way how to actually figure the problems out. It has just been too long since i took a math class. i went all the way to calculus, but that was 5 or 6 years ago and if you dont use it, you lose it. So i definitely need to brush up on some math. I am not really sure how to study for the language part. I remember on other standardized tests they ask you for definitions of words, and half the time they are just not common words. this test had a similar section, so ... i dunno. this test could suck. and then i have to think about how i will pay for graduate school. It will cost about $15000. Thats a whole shit-load of money. and from what i understand, there arent any grants for that like there are for undergraduate studies. I am half tempted to just go back for a 2nd degree. (in something related, but more useful). I dunno, i need to do more research. if i really want to be a guidance counselor then I HAVE to get my masters, so that would not really be a good plan for me.

Anyway, my graduation was good (actually it was boring, but it was still cool!) and Kathleen's Wedding was AWESOME! we had so much fun. I really think i had the most fun there that i ever had at a party. right now we are watching devin until tomorrow while kathleen is on her honeymoon. Things are going well except for the fact they are both still getting over a stomach bug. (yuck) anyway, i have to go cook dinner now.


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