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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

sick sick sick

so i didnt get around to posting about mother's day because i was busy being sick! Happy belated mothers day to all you moms out there!

First logan had some stomach bug, which i caught. then we were ok for a day and then he came down with some cold and i got sick with something else. I had a runny nose, sore throat and severe nausea. It sucked. I had already called out of work on friday because of the stomach bug, and then monday had to go home early because of the mystery illness. Tuesday morning went ok, and when i came back to work for my cpr class, i ended up spending 20 minutes puking in the restrooms instead. So i had my sister go find my CPR instructor and explain what was going on, and on my way back to the lab to grab my things, we ran into my boss. I told her what had happened and called out for today. And then i went straight to the doctors.

They asked me the same thing my mom did: Are you pregnant? (i sure as hell hope not! is my usual response) They ran a CBC and a preg test. Both were negative. No infection, no baby. Good so far. The doc thinks my sinuses are just so full (prob. allergies) and it's just running into my tummy making me feel sick. So he told me to get some of the good sudafed, from behind the pharmacy counter, and gave me a prescription for phenergen (i think thats spelled right). It can double as a sleep aid he told me. Well, it works great. I stopped feeling sick soon after i took it and slept awesome! Today i feel much much better. I hate that i had to miss so much work tho.

For one, i dont like losing the hours, i also just dont like calling out. i just dont like to do it, plus i know what a strain it puts on everyone else. oh well. i guess i needed it. And tomorrow is a short shift. My paycheck will suck!! oh well.

Hopefully, logan will be sleeping soon and i can go to bed. Thats the plan, man.

Oh, and my daycare closed today. They told us this past friday they would be closing today. Kind of short notice. Suckage. So the hunt is on for a new facility. Joy.

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