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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

all done!

Well, i took my last exam on monday! it feels so good to be done with it all. My graduation is friday and I cant wait!! Then we have my sister's wedding on Saturday. It's a big week here.

Now i really have to get on the ball about getting things together if i want to go to grad school. I have a lot of questions about the program i want to go into, so i need to go speak with the person in charge of it all. I plan to make an appointment to do that sometime soon, plus i still need to take the GRE. that sounds fun. (**yuck**) oh well.

Today after i got out of work, i had a little while until i could pick logan up from daycare (they dont like us to come during nap time, because logan will wake up all the other kids. he doesnt nap, but he is at least quiet until we show up) So i sat down on the couch to kill some time and promptly fell asleep! I suddenly woke up at about 245 and raced off to get him. (naptime is over around 2, 2:15) what a bad mommy i am! His teacher didnt care at all, he was playing with the other kids. She told me that i must've needed my rest. I still felt bad, even tho i dont think my kid even noticed. oh well.

well, i am off to play outside with the boy now. He just finished watching his sesame street sing-a-long dvd. It's so cute, he sings along to all the songs now...his favorites are twinkle twinkle little star and baa-baa black sheep. Its so adorable.

have a good week! I will try to get pictures from this weekend up on here as soon as i can.

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