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Monday, April 23, 2007

kids & sleep

i am trying to study for my exam tomorrow in spanish. Logan keeps getting up. i swear the kid has opened his door at least every 10 minutes, if not sooner since 8. he was unbelievably cranky when i put him down and seemed very tired. And now he is all sorts of pleasant. I would just yell at him or whatever, but he keeps asking to go potty. which when we get there, he wont actually go. Since we are in the middle of potty training, i dont want to discourage him from asking to go, but i know he is manipulating me and just saying it so he can get up.

he did the same thing last night, and i eventually stopped letting him try and a few hours after he finally fell asleep, he peed so much he wet the whole bed and came running into my room at 3 am (i was up for work already so at least he didnt wake me) and didnt go back to sleep until after i left for work at 4am. I had to wake my parents to deal with him b/c he was getting into everything. All last week he went to bed great. no fuss, no getting up. (well, not much, once or twice a few nights, but not like this) Why does he have to be so one way or the other?

So basically that leaves my studying being interrupted every 10 minutes. And i could just quit and go to bed, but thats what i did last night and i still had to get up over and over. I have to be at work at 4 am tomorrow. and then i have a spanish exam i am pretty much unprepared for. and i am tired.


i am just frazzled. i cant wait til this school crap is all over. on a good note, i picked up my cap & gown today. that was cool. it makes it feel more official.

Of course, just because i am not in school doesnt mean i will be a whole lot less tired. i still have to get up early for work and if logan is staying up too late, then i will still be tired. we are gonna try waking him up early for a few days and see if that doesnt help. hopefully it will fix this problem. it's probably a phase or some crap and i just have to wait it out, but it sucks. there, i said it and i 'm glad. ;)

anyway, he has been quiet for a little bit now, maybe he is down for the night and i can get some rest. wouldnt that be nice? good nite.

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