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Monday, April 16, 2007

happy birthday to me :)

Today is my birthday. I am now 27 years old. whoo-ee. ;)

My parents flew to Vegas this morning and will be gone for the week, so i took the week off of work since i have no sitter and decided that i could skip my class this afternoon since it is my birthday. That's my present to myself. And to spend the day with Logan. The whole day. It has been a long time since i had an entire day with him. Right now he is watching blue's clues and singing along with whatever it is they are singing. it's so cute.

Yesterday he did something that was not cute. not cute at all. He fell down the stairs. (before anyone freaks out-he's ok) He has been going up and down the stairs since before we moved in here with no problems. And i was right there. and i couldnt stop him. i reached for him as i saw him trip and only my fingertips touched the edge of his shirt and down he tumbled. i was screaming "oh my god" the entire way trying to catch up to him and my heart was exploding in my chest. it was the worst feeling in the entire world. luckily he started to catch himself, which turned his head over ass tumbling into a sideways roll down the stairs, and as soon as he hit the bottom, i scooped him up and he cried only a little, and was fine. he barely wanted to sit still to let me make sure he was fine, but he was. i made him give me a big hug and then let him go play. My heart didnt stop for a long time tho. all that adrenaline and nothing to do with it...I hate that shaky queasy feeling. i hate it, and i hate the images that go thru my head of what could have been. If i never ever have to see anything remotely close to that sight again, that would be fine by me. that sucked. My mom heard me scream and came out of her bedroom to see the very end of it all and then she was all shaky like me too. it reminded her too much of when my little sister fell down the stairs when she was 9months old. only it was down the cellar stairs which were wooden with a cement ground and anna was not as lucky as logan. she did hurt herself and my mom had to go to the emergency room with her... so my mom was stressing pretty bad when she thought about what could have happened.

anyway, like i said, Logan is fine. he was fine immediately following the incident. I noticed this morning he was a little more careful on his way down the stairs, so that's a good thing.

ANyway, i have to go prepare some snacks. I am having my sisters and a friend over for appetizers and wine/beer. ;) And i have brownies and icecream.

Have a good day!!!

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