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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

too busy

i am so ready to be done with school. only 5 more weeks. and then i will be a college graduate. whoo-ee.

I still havent gotten the pictures from our vacation from my sister, but as soon as i do, i will put them up along with a post about our trip. Which, by the way, was alot of fun, even if it was too cold/windy to use the boat & jet ski.

All i do is study, go to school, go to work. the remainder of my time is spent being mom. Which is rewarding, but it's hard when there you are on your own. by the time i get home, my mom is done. i dont blame her, she's been watching my kid all day and she needs time for herself. but what sucks is that i dont get that time to myself. joe has to work late all the time and even if it's not too late, by the time he gets back to this side of town, logan has already gone to bed. so now i might get a sunday here and there to my self, but not every week. and then i have to try to cram everything i didnt get to thru-out the week into that one day. it sucks and i never get to everything.

i cannot wait to graduate.

i keep repeating that in my head. over and over. it's all that keeps me going sometimes. ;)

well, thats all the update i have time for today. another thing- once school is over, i will be able to blog again. yae.

good nite. wish me luck for my test tomorrow (in the class i dont really get, and that i am not as prepared as i would like. ugh)

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