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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

spring break is almost here

it's so close, i can almost taste it. i am so ready for a break. we are going camping right near panama city for a week starting next wednesday. woohoo!! and i will get paid for my time off because i actually get paid time off, and we just had a cash in, so i cashed in 40 hours so i will have cash to take with me too!!

i CANNOT wait to graduate. this school/work/mom/?life? thing is way too much. this semester is so hard. i have no time. none. i should totally be in bed right now, but i felt the need to actually check my email for once. ;)

and say hello to my, like 2, readers. ;) hi. i am still here. i'm tired, and cranky and stressed, but i am here.

well, now i am going to bed.

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