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Monday, February 12, 2007

why arent i in bed yet?

it has somehow become 924 pm and i am awake. arg. And i still need to shower. Of course, logan didnt go right to sleep when i put him down at 8, and the last time he got up was 840 and i was just killing a few minutes until i knew he was asleep so i could jump in the shower and now so much more time has gone by than i meant! i was actually finally going a reading a few of your blogs. I miss them so much. I cant wait until i have time again to really get back into them. And this might sound sort of cheesy, but I also miss the little bit of traffic i used to get here. I never had a lot, but now i have like 3 or 4 people who stop by. that's pretty lame. of course i went with no readers for a long time when i first got started, so i suppose i shouldnt complain. If i actually had time and something to post about, things would be different.

oh well.

So, remember i had those quizes/tests last week? Well so far i have gotten the grades for 2 of them and i did really good!! i got a 90 on one quiz and a 93 on my test. i still have one grade to get and one more quiz this week...yae! last week sucked. i was sick, tired and stressed the hell out over all the school work i had looming over me. why is that all your classes schedule tests and assignments to be due the same week? I mean really, do they have staff meetings and say "hey, i have a huge test coming up in two weeks, who else wants to schedule the mother of all tests?" "oh me!! that'll really mess the kids up!!"...ya, i know..i am really lame. cant help it- i was born this way- take it up with my parents. It's their fault. And my kid will be lame too. so there. i said it and i'm glad.


i am off to get cleaned up and get to bed.

oh one last thing! i let my sister and her friend pierce my ear lobe. (the top part). Me. The person who was petrified of piercings (even of the ear). maybe it was the few beers and the glass of wine that convinced me to let them have a go at it, but ya know what? it really wasnt that bad. the piercings i have in the lower lobes that were done with a gun hurt worse. a straight, hollow needle really is the way to go. i will take a picture this week and show it off. ;)

ok, really this time: Good nite!

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