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Saturday, February 10, 2007

what a week

this has been the longest week ever. I had 3 quizzes this week and still another one next week. So that's one for every class i have. yuckers. So between working all week i was supposed to find some time to study...which you can probably guess was nearly impossible. But i still think that I did pretty decent on everything.

I have to work tomorrow, which is good for getting the hours, but sucks because that means i lose my sunday again. and then next week i work both saturday and sunday. eww. but my paycheck will be nice. ;)

I am just so unbelievably tired these days. no matter how hard i try, i just cant get to bed any earlier. I am usually in bed by about 9pm the latest, altho i had some later nights because of studying, but even if i am in bed by 9, getting up at 3 only gives me about 6 hours of sleep. And i am one of those people who really needs 8 hours.

but this is my last semester so it isnt forever..and school is going pretty good and so is work, so life isnt too bad. Logan is doing good, we are potty training and it's going great! He pees in the potty every night at bathtime and some other times throughout the day. He is talking up a storm lately as well. for someone that didnt talk at all for so long, he is certainly making up for it now.

well, we are going to pick up some chinese food so ... have a good week!

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