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Thursday, February 15, 2007

waiting for sleep

i am so tired. but it seems that logan is not. bummer for me. ;(

Speaking of logan, he is doing wonderfully with potty training. Every night at bathtime, he pees on the potty for me. And during the day, sometimes he goes at daycare, sometimes for my mom. Tonight, one of the many times he opened his door after i put him down for the night, he said he had to pee, so i directed him to the bathroom and he actually went!! (he has a habit of saying he has to go just so he can flush some toilet paper...) And then a little while later i went to check on all the noises coming out of his room and he came running out of his closet naked from the waist down. Not only had he dumped all the toys out in his closet, but he had taken his pants and diaper off and peed on the floor in his closet. So we got dressed again and he has been up a few more times, but still. I can't believe he peed so much in one evening! And 2 out 3 were on the potty. Yae! the little things in life really excite me these days.

Besides that, nothing is going on in my life besides what i have already mentioned: school, work, more school and more work. and not enough sleep.

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