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Sunday, February 25, 2007

a good end to a nice weekend

I had a good day today. I didn't have to work, Logan was at his daddy's, and I finished all my homework and helped my mom finish the Bulletin for the Legion. And now, dinner (London Broil) is being cooked and Joe and Logan are on their way over, and that will be a nice way to finish out the weekend.

Over the last week, we have converted Opa's into the kid's playroom. Opa's was basically our father-in-law quarters. (Even tho Opa passed a few years ago, we still call it Opa's. Just habit, i suppose.) It used to be our garage. We left enough garage for one car and turned the rest into a little studio apartment that comes right out of our kitchen. So the bathroom is inside, but out there is air conditioning, cable hookups and a full kitchen. Yesterday, my parents finished putting sheetrock up in the garage part and while they were at it, Logan and I played and played. I left the door open and we mostly played outside for almost the whole day. I think we went out for the first time around 10 and he was really good about staying in the areas of the yard I wanted to stay in. (we have a big yard so...) We played with our trucks on the side in the driveway, we went in back and played in the sand box and went exploring in the very back part of the yard where it is still a little overgrown. there is also an old broken canoe back there (the end of it is missing, but its mostly in one peice, with the seats) and we climbed and jumped all over it, and according to him "my boat"...then we went to the other side of the yard and played on the swing for a long time. It is sort of like a tire swing, except we have a board of wood in place of a tire. that was super fun. After a while, we made it to the front yard and looked at the pond for a long time. We played on the front porch in all the rocking chairs and with all the wind chimes (most of which he can now reach). We eventually made it back to the driveway where he kept playing with his trucks, in my car while I vacuumed it out...or with the ball and the dog. It was a good time.

A little after 5 we came in and i tried getting him to eat a little something, but he wasnt hungry. Instead he fussed and whined and I kept asking him what was wrong. Around 545, he came up to me and yelled "NITE NITE!!!!" So i set him up on the couch w/a blankie and he was out in 10 minutes. He woke around 7 in a wonderful mood, we ate dinner and then him and Joe went to joe's for the night. He was a peach the rest of the night.

Today, joe and him played alot outside as well, altho he didnt take a nap, and he is not being fussy so, i am going to go a play with him a little while before its bath time.

Have a good week!!

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