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Friday, February 16, 2007


logan seems to be getting worse and worse about bedtime. i should count myself lucky that he sleeps thru the night and always has since he was a newborn, and that up til recently, he pretty much went to bed with minimal fuss. But lately (dont ask me how long, i am so tired, it all runs together now) he gets up over and over for up to an hour and a half after i put him down. today, for instance, he played hard at school, according to my mom he played good at home, we went out to dinner with his auntie anna and we played good after that. he didnt take a nap except for 5 minutes in the car on the way to dinner. he looks tired. but he is literally skipping around his room. c'mon already. i have to work at 5 am tomorrow and just need to get to sleep. its been 2 hours now. i need a break. granted, i love seeing my kid, because w/school and work, i dont see him all that much, and i would love to just let him stay up all night and hang out with me, but we both need our sleep and in the long run that would not be the best thing for him, so i try to keep bedtime as stable as possible. he pretty much only stays the night as his daddy's once a week now, (if that) so i cant blame him for messing the schedule up, so i just dont know what's up with it all.

sorry if this makes no sense, i am really really tired.

I did get to watch last night's grey's anatomy tho. (altho i had to pause it every 5 minutes to put someone back in bed). what an intense episode. i dont know if you watch it, but you should. i have been a fan since day one. i am almost bummed i watched it..with episodes like that it is more fun to save them for all at once that way you dont have to wait a week to see what the hell is happening. arggh. i still have heroes to watch from monday and lost too. maybe if i am lucky i will get to see those this weekend. we'll see.

well, logan has been quiet now for 15 minutes. hopefully he finally passed out. i am so ready to do the same.

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