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Friday, February 02, 2007

another week gone by

well, it is finally friday and i am so tired. Logan is coughing again and i have a sore throat today, so i am praying that we are not getting sick again. But when it goes from 80 degrees to 40 degrees and back up to almost 80 in about a week, what should i expect?

Thank you so much to those of you who left the encouraging comments on my last post! i appreciate the support!

It seems i can only make it to this thing to post about once a week lately, and i wish it could be more. by the time i sit down, i cant think of anything to actually write about, or i have so much i want to say all at once, it just comes out as this big mess. All week long i think of things i would like to write about here and if i had the time to do a few small posts a week, they would probably be enjoyable things to read, instead of the jumbled messes i have been posting lately. Sorry. I also hate that i barely have time to get out there and check out all of your lovely blogs. There are so many that i love to read that i have been away from for so long now...

Being busy really sucks. it makes the time go by fast, but it doesnt leave a lot of time for fun or sleep. ;) this is the last semester...i just keep telling my self that...

well, logan is having a "moment" because Gram & I told him he wasnt allowed to keep throwing our jackets over the i must attend to him.

Have a good weekend.


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