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Saturday, January 27, 2007


How is everyone doing? (and by everyone i mean the 1 or 2 people left who read my blog?)

We are finally ok again here. Today was the 1st day Logan has been feeling good in a few days. The 1st day, he just seemed a bit down and out, but the 2nd day, he started running a fever and literally whimpered and laid down the whole day. He didnt want to get up to do anything. He was crying for most of the morning, but by the afternoon, he was just laying there. All pathetic and sad. It was heartbreaking. Its so hard to see your kid feeling so crappy and not be able to anything but hold him. which was all he wanted. he was held by everyone. it was like we were taking shifts.

The next day wasnt much better, but he would at least get up a little and want to play for a bit. Still had a mild fever. But then the next morning (friday) when i went to check on him before i left for work, i discovered he had puked all over himself and his bed. So i put a blanket down on the floor so i could change his sheets and stuff and he started puking again. The kid's a trooper tho, it doesnt seem to phase him when he throws up; he just does it and moves on with his life. So anyway, my mom heard the commotion and decided she couldnt handle a puking grandson and told me to call out of work (for the first time.) ;( Which was fine, they got the shift covered and things were ok. SO logan and i slept in and that was nice and even tho he wasnt at 100%, he was definitely getting better. no more puke. Today, he seemed fine. Wanted to play alot, like he was making up for lost time or something. ANd then his daddy came and got him and now its verrry quiet here.

School is going well, altho it is taking up so much of my time. I am so busy i cant stand it. I should be doing homework right now, but i just have to take some personal time at some point! I cant believe this could really be my last semester. I have an appointment with an adviser to fill out my "intent to graduate" form on Monday. they were supposed to be turned in by december, but at the time i wasnt sure i would get all the classes i needed, so i didnt turn one in, but so far it looks like they will take mine late. we will see this week. I am also going to ask a bunch of questions about grad school. Like how i want to go, but i really need some more general information on the whole process. like whats all this about the GRE and what kind of letters do i need and all this crap. and what's involved in graduate level course, blah blah blah. i never really seriously considered graduate school until the last few months, so i never bothered to find any of this out earlier. My GPA should be good enough, so i am not worried about that.

Work is still going great, but we are going to soon be experiencing some changes. Our immediate supervisor is no longer going to be our supervisor so that means someone else will be. Which could be good, but it could suck depending on who goes for the position. We will just have to wait and see. Being so new, it shouldnt make any difference to me because i am not as set in my ways should any major changes happen, but still...There are definitely some people in the lab i would rather not have as a boss and i can tell that after just a few months there.

Well, thats enough. I probably wont be back for a week or so...Be good!

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