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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

school has started!

Well, yesterday was my first day of classes and so far I am pretty happy with my classes.

Turns out I do not have enough time between my classes to make it from campus to my spanish class which turns out to be 30 miles away. When i first registered for the class, it said it was off campus, but it didnt state where. i called the registrar's office and they said it was most likely going to be in the research area which i would have had plenty of time to make in 45 minutes. But it ended up being in downtown orlando so that is too far to make in 45 minutes at 545pm. not gonna happen. i couldnt even get out of the campus in under 15 minutes last night.

So now i need to register for a different spanish2 class. All of them are closed. And have been since the beginning of last semester. (otherwise i would have registered for both classes at one time, but there werent any!) So, I was told to "just show up" at the class i wanted and the instructor would "surely grant" me an override. Well, the class i showed up to had 15 other kids in the same boat as me. So she told all of us to send her an email and detail our situation and she would email us back sometime this afternoon. I already had emailed her last nite and emailed me back this morning telling me to show up for class and see what happens. So i went ahead and emailed her again. and i am just waiting and waiting for her to email me back with a yes or no.

I basically told her the whole thing about how i am a single working mom and i only just now got child care and blah blah blah and hopefully gave her enough of sob story without sounding too pathetic that she will give me one of the like 3 overrides she has available for the 15 of us.

Keeping my fingers crossed.


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