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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

i got in!

Ok, so today, on my way to school, I had my sister Kathleen check one last time if there were any open spanish classes (before i went and yelled at someone) and even tho she had just checked, she humored me and signed in to look. When she pulled up the class schedules, there was one opening in one class for Tue & Thur 9:30-11:20. She signed me up. So i will graduate this term!

But this also means i will out of the house even more during the day. Which is when i am supposed to spend time with my son. Which means he may spend a little more time in daycare than i originally thought, altho my mom is having a much harder time with it than i am. She feels bad and doesnt want him to spend too much time there so she only drops him off for a max of 3 hours usually. WHich is fine, i got the daycare to give her a break, so she can use it however makes her happy. ;)

I am excited this all worked out and that i will graduate at the end of this term if everything goes as planned. But at the same time i am pretty bummed out that i will be seeing so much less of my Logan than i am used to. (and he is used to). It's worth it in the long run, but it still is a bummer. And it's only for one semester. So...

Anyway, i think he finally fell asleep which means i can finally do the same. Thank god because i am so very very tired and have to work tomorrow at 4am, and then i am off to school for class at 930 and then at 130. Yae. I wont be home until 530-ish. argh. Well, nite nite.

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