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Thursday, January 18, 2007


hey there. i really miss being able to post more often. But with school & work, it is just so hard to find time to write...

Things are going good. We are all falling into our schedules. Logan is adjusting wonderfully to day care. he goes about 3 days a week for 3-4 hours. He eats his whole lunch there, tries the potty, and even takes a nap. He didnt at first, but I guess after seeing the other kids do it all, he decided to give it a shot. Plus he seems to really like the ladies working there.

School is going good so far, i am on top of all my work so far and my teachers are pretty likeable. It is always harder when the teacher is someone with a personality you dont care for. I always have at least one teacher who is kind of different. Last semester i had a laid back-psychologist type and this semester, my art of cinema teacher is a hippie-ish film guy from San Francisco who graduated from UCLA way back when. He's a trip!

My tattoo is healing pretty good, i really am happy i got it, and Saur- actually this particular tattoo didnt hurt much. I wont lie, tattoos do hurt. But it really depends on where you get it, and how big it is. they dont hurt so much you cant take it. Some people say their hips hurt the most, but the i have on my hips actually hurt the least. My foot hurt the most. The stars nearest my "girly" area hurt, but the rest of them didnt hurt too much. And the whole thing only took about 45 minutes. So, really, by the time i was getting uncomfortable, it was over. I love my tattoos (i have 4 now, not counting the one that is covered by another one). they are addictive too. Now, i dont do peircings tho. i was scared to get my ears pierced, (altho i have 3 holes in each ear) and thought that hurt alot, so i wont get anything else. gives me the heebie jeebies thinking about it.

Anyway, i have to get dinner going for the kiddo and me, so nite nite!!

here are my other tattoos..sorry not the greatest quality pics.

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