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Saturday, January 13, 2007

the first week is over...


It was a long week. I have a very full schedule. I know i have mentioned this before, but a year ago when i used to bitch that i was "soo tired" and "soo busy", i had no idea what the true meanings of those phrases really were. But i am pretty sure i have a good understanding of them now. ;) I also get so to see logan so much less than i am used to. And i thought i saw too little of him last semester. This semester will be worse. And i already have a decent amount of homework to get started on. Crazy. All my teachers seem nice and overall pretty decent, and a little demanding as far as work goes. Which sucks only because i really have to stay on top of things, but is overall a good thing b/c that makes sure i really know it and stay on top of the subject matter.

Today i went to a tattoo convention. The "Marked For Life - Female Tattoo Artist Expo". I went with my sister Anna (Kathleen was a super sister and babysit all day for me), and two girls we work with. It was pretty cool. And kind of humorous- i had the choice of any tattoo artist, from all over, and i chose the one from my town. When i scheduled my appointment, i didnt realize she was from here, so it was kind of funny. At least if i need any touch ups, she is local, so thats good. I got some pretty starts on my hip. (the other hip has a small fairy on it. I suppose i should take some pictures of all my tattoos..i only have pics of the last 2) Anyway, in case anyone is interested, here is my new tat:

it actually goes a little bit lower,
but i ain't showing all that on the internet, sorry. ;)

and another view, just cuz.

Its a simple design. And its my first non-fairy tattoo. ;) Joe thinks it's sexy, so that's good. ;) You can tell me what you think too, if you like. hint hint

Well, anyway. I should go off and do some homework, but i really dont think i want to (or will). i will do that tomorrow while logan is at his dad's. I think tonight i will take over the tv and watch my shows i have recorded, or if my dad wont give up the tv, i will just go finish the book i am reading. (i am reading The Mote in God's Eye by Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle. Joe recommended that i read The Ringworld series by Niven and since i liked them, he gave me this book to try out. Its actually pretty good. if you are into some sci-fi fantasy style. Besides, i really dont think i will have much longer where i have time to read for fun!) So anywho- good nite!

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