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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

being sick

Logan made it thru his first two days of daycare just fine. In fact, he had a lot of fun. So i am over my guilt pretty much. i just hate to leave him, but he knows i come back for him so its ok. He wont be going back the rest of the week tho because he has finally come down with whatever cold my family has been passing around.

It all started with Devin and has made its way to me and logan. my Poor kid woke up with a slightly runny nose, spent 2 hours at daycare and came home and played with gramma and then started to go down hill from there. He got pretty blah and by this evening was miserable. He developed a yucky sounding cough and just wanted to cuddle, but couldnt get comfy and just whined. He sometimes would cough so hard he would gag himself. i felt so bad for him, because i know how much that feeling sucks. So we dosed him with some tylenol (he felt feverish) and some dimetap cough syrup and gave him a bath. He perked up pretty good after that. Bedtime took forever because he was still coughing a little and a bit snotty, but he was feeling better, so he wanted me to stay in bed and talk and read. He was talking up a storm so it was hard to leave. he doesnt always converse so well, so it was fun for a bit. but then i realized i had been in there, in the dark for an hour and i finally had to go. He fell asleep shortly thereafter. If he is anything like today when he wakes up, we will take him to his doctor (which we tried to do tonight, but they wouldnt answer their phones). i just want to be sure he doesnt have any kind of infection.

I am feeling pretty crappy myself. my nose is so clogged up that i cant stand it. the only medicine i have that works is non-drowsy and i am afraid if i take it i will be up all nite and seeing how i have to work at 4am, that wont do. and i should have been in bed forever ago.

my books came today! When i ordered them, i requested used copies, but i didnt actually expect them (i am never so lucky) but when i opened my package up, they were all used and i saved like $75! Yae! i only need one book now, but the bookstore doesnt know which one yet, so that will probably have to wait until school starts. Which is the 8th. I am looking forward to it, because it is my last semester, but i am dreading it too, because of how long my mondays and wednesdays are going to be. And the day before school starts i have to work a long shift in the ER. argh. i was hoping to have that whole day off.

Joe started a new job this week. And this new job;s insurance lets him put "significant other" on the policy, so he offered to pay for me to have insurance. Real insurance. Yae. (unlike the crap i paid for from my school. which is making me pay back all the things they finally paid. because they are claiming that becuase my shoulder was stiff for a while before i sought treatment, that constitutes a preexisting condition. bastards. i wish the fleas of a thousand camels to infest the armpits of everyone affiliated with that damn company. Anyway) thats pretty cool.

Alright, this is way too long. And it is way too late. So good nite!

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