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Friday, December 01, 2006

up past my bedtime

its funny how things change.

A year ago, i was posting on a pretty regular basis about how i couldn't sleep at nite. (something i complained about all my life.) Now, its 1041, and i am so sleepy, i am practically delirious. i guess thats what being at work between 4 & 5 am will do to you after a while.

You know, it actually took about a month or so of working those hours before my body's schedule finally started to change. At first, i would still easily stay up late and not feel tired, or have trouble getting to sleep, even tho i was waking up waaaay early. But then, suddenly, i began to get tired verrry early. Thats when we cracked down on Logan's sleep schedule. I made sure that Everyone who was to be taking care of him at bedtime knew the routine and made sure they followed it. I incorporated a few more things that really helped logan to know it was bedtime and began to make absolutely sure he got some sort of outside time so that he would be nice and tired. We also cut out the naps (that he wasnt really taking anyway). All of this together, and now he is out cold 5 minutes after we put him down usually. And bedtime is 8. So i can be in bed myself by 830. Its pretty damn cool.

So now, here i am, friday nite. I already went and had a beer with anna and a girl we work with and i have come home, finished my homework and am dead tired. I really should get to bed. I have to get up early tomorrow so i can do the review for the quiz we are having in spanish. Then i get to spend tomorrow finishing my spanish homework that is due online by sunday, and then preparing for all my exams. which, btw, i am definitely getting stressed about. I have a lot of material to review. Yuck! Well, i am going to check out a few of your pages and then i am hitting the hay!

have a great weekend.

oh..and "rabbit, rabbit".

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