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Monday, December 11, 2006

hey there, hi there, ho there

hello. wow- i am actually posting twice in one week! It's been a long time since that happened. i have to say, since i havent been blogging as much as i used to, i have realized that i really really miss it. it can be pretty therapeutic and just a nice way to wrap up the day. And i miss checking out everyone else's blogs and commenting on most of them. lately, i havent had time to even read most of them, let alone comment.

Well, this is my first day of christmas break from school. And it feels weird not having to go to school tomorrow. Or work. i am off tomorrow. I can sleep in!! (til 8 at least, when logan gets up) I Instead of working tuesday this week, i am working saturday. In the ER. by myself for a few hours. My boss must either have faith in me or be desperate to fill the shift. She has me working the following sat in the er too, plus 2 times the week after that. argh. It will be interesting. Its not that the er is harder, it is just set up differently. which makes sense, it is the er afterall. And no, its not anything like they show on tv. in fact, at that time of day, it can be rather boring and slow.

well, logan is talking up a storm lately! I love it. i cant get enough of it! He even has a few sentences starting to emerge. He wanted to turn the pages in his book last nite, and he said, "no, me do it" which i thought was soo cute. And he told grandma he loved her. Of course, he hasnt told me that yet. i am only his mother and all. ;) oh well. we talk alot about trucks. And he counts to 20. Altho the numbers 13-18 all sound the same. And he sings his abc's. The letters are pretty out of order and the tune is something different all together, altho he does repeat the same tune each time, i just dont recognize where he learned that tune and not the one i have been singing to him. And he just started with colors too. He points to the christmas lights on the tree and names the colors. Just out of the blue. Did i mention that i just love it?!? Its awesome. And he says hello and goodbye to everything. So cute. well, thats probably enough of that for now.

it's past my bedtime (its 10) so i need to get some zzz's so good nite.

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