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Friday, December 08, 2006

finals are over!!

Well, finals are over! I am so relieved to be done with this week. Especially today. Today was my spanish exam and i think i passed the test, but it was hard and nothing like any of the assignments or tests we have had all semester. I am pretty sure I got all A's & B's. (mostly A's i think) so it was a good semester. I cannot believe next semester will be my last for my bachelors! Of course, i wont be totally done because i want to get my masters, but i will have a degree! I have decided i want to have my masters by the time i am 30. (i will be 27 when i graduate from UCF, so it's doable)

Anyway. Tomorrow we have a picnic to go to. Someone is retiring from our department and we are having a big party at the park for him. So the whole family is going! The high is only supposed to be in the low 60's so it will be a cool day for sure. I hate how quickly the weather changes. Yesterday it was nice. Jeans and short sleeves. Today i needed long sleeves and a jacket and i was still cold.

oh, next weekend i work in the ER by myself for a few hours. i am a little nervous about that, only because things are a little different over there. It is usually pretty slow that time of day, but still. But they are scheduling me there b/c they think i can handle it. I am still totally loving my new job. Patients tell me good things all the time. Like how they are a hard stick and no one ever gets them on the first try and then i do! or that they didnt even feel it and most are shocked when they find out i am pretty new. One guy yesterday started saying i must have a lot of experience because of the ease with which i found his vein and got his blood. I told him i have only been doing this for 3 months and he was quite surprised. I know i am not the best (yet), but comments like that certainly are reassuring that i am not bad and that with more time i will be really good. Some of these girls could find a vien in a rock. I want to be like them.

i still cant get over how much i like my job. i am so not used to really enjoying my work. I mean, work is work and sometimes can suck just because it's work, but overall, i dont mind getting up early and going to work. I look forward to it even. Anyway...

Oh and Logan is talking up a storm lately! It is so awesome to hear him say things. He is still behind where his age group should be, but he is progressing so fast with it! I love it. I get all excited when he gets really talkative. And he looks at me like i am f-ing retarded when i dont understand some of his gibberish. he even sighed at me the other day because i kept asking him what he was trying to say. Its so great. And now when he knows he's been caught doing something bad, he will try to get out of it by saying in such a cute way "oh hi mommy", or whoever, until you smile at him and say hi back. It worked like the 1st 2 or 3 times because it was new, but we caught on pretty quick. but he still does it every time.

Well, i am unbelievably tired from staying up too late all week studying and getting up early. I am definitely going to bed soon.

So, good nite!

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