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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


well, i am signing logan up for daycare tomorrow. I got approved for the CCA (child care association) and they have released funding for me, so i went and filled out all the paperwork and turns out i will only have to pay $21 a week. Yae! So tomorrow we are going to enroll. I only looked at a few places, but we are going with the first place i looked at. Logan had so much fun playing there and they have the smallest class size per teacher. And the kicker was the fact that the director/2yr old teacher is super nice. I really liked her. And that is the main thing that makes me more comfortable with this whole thing.

I hate the fact that i am not going to see Logan at all on Monday's & Wednesdays. I will leave for work around 4am and then go straight to school from 230 until 830 and then drive home. So i will be gone for 17 hours. sucksville!

Logan has been talking up a storm lately. I love it. But this week, he has been opening his door and talking to us from his room instead of going to bed. sort of frustrating, because that keeps me up later. but its cute in its own way too.

well, i forgot what else i was going to write about, so i will just try and remember and come back if i do. ;) Nitey nite!

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