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Thursday, November 09, 2006

things on his head

I love it when logan decides he is going to wear a hat. And it's even better when it's not really a hat. I got bored waiting for my teacher to get class started, so i just pulled all these photos together into a little collage. It isnt the greatest, but it will get the point across.

Last nite, logan was put in his room because he wouldnt sit and be good for family dinner and when I went to let him come back down when we were done, he was passed out in the middle of the floor in his room (that was around 630pm). I tried to wake him up, but as usual, he was out cold. So i left him there, & put a blanket over him. He woke up an hour later freaking out, so i went up there and calmed him down and he actually went back to sleep and slept thru the nite! Granted, he was awake when i got up at 3am, but he was being pleasant and got right back into bed, but he apparently he was still awake for about an hour, but he eventually fell back asleep and slept until 9am. It was pretty cool. I was able to fall asleep at 9. Awesome.

On another note, work is going wonderful. I have been getting to go out on my own more and more lately. I had a fun day in ICU today...It was my 1st time going to the ICU alone and i did good. (at least i felt good about it!) I found out that by going into work at 4am, that is still 3rd shift, and that means i get paid a little more for those hours! Yae, so my paycheck today was a little higher than i was expected, so its like free money! Woo-hoo.

I am so bored right now in class, we are sort of discussing media (which is what this class is: "Intro to broadcast media"...but the kids always go off on tangents and personal opinions that really arent related at all to this class. Like psychology of people and stuff and the main reason it bugs me in this class is b/c this class isnt full of psychology or sociology majors and they spout "facts" that i know are wrong, but i dont feel like participating at the moment just to correct them. The other thing they do that bugs me is repeat each other. Over and over again. Argh. i think i may leave early. We are currently discussing violence in the media. which is sort of related to our class but we are discussing it like my sociology class does only without much of the needed knowledge to back it up. everyone has a statistic. And two different people will spout the same concept with two totally different numbers. B/c numbers can be skewed. anyway, thats enough, i am not going to get into what i think about violence in the media right now other than to say, a majority of the responsibility falls to parents to raise their kids right.

OK, this is long and boring and rambling. So bye.

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