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Thursday, November 30, 2006

school is almost over

I cannot believe how fast this semester has gone by. Next week is finals week. I am only a little stressed about it, altho i think i should be more worried. I am sure they will not be easy tests, except for my Counseling and Interviewing Class, that will definitely be easy since it will be basically a class participation exercise. But this media class, juvenile delinquency and spanish will be a little tough.

As i was walking to class today, i noticed that someone had left a pile of papers on the ground outside the classroom door. I actually stopped to pick it up and throw it away, when i noticed what the papers were. They had been folded into little origami elephants. Like a whole family of them. 2 big ones and a bunch of little ones. I thought they were cute, so i left them there. If they are still there when i leave, i think i will take one home with me. I wish i could do that! That would be something fun to do when i was bored in class. ;)

I am no longer on probation at work! Woo-hoo. They gave me my evaluation yesterday and I got to go to human resources today and trade in my yellow badge holder for a clear one! (yellow means "i'm new!" it's their own on-the-sly way to let fellow employees know your new, but without alerting all the patients that you are b/c half the time people dont want newbies getting broken in on them, so if they dont know, you can go for it!) I am so excited that i am "official", not that i had any doubts, but its nice for it to be on paper! well, the teacher should be walking in any minute, so i am going to wrap this up.


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