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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

not around

I know i havent been around as much lately, i am just so busy. I really miss being able to write as much as i did before. Not that anything i wrote here was absolutely astounding or anything, but i did used to get more that meant more comments and comments are always fun! Oh well. I really dont know how i could go about changing my time to allow me more here, so i will just do my best to show up when i can. I barely have time to go read my fav. blogs anymore, and that is sad too b/c some of you guys are awesome. ;)

School is going good, especially because it is almost over. My last exam this semester will be fri. dec the 8th. And then i am off til Jan. And that should be my last semester. Woo-hoo. And then i can try to figure out how i am going to go to grad school so i can get a degree i can actually use. ;)

Work is going great. I am out on my own now. i have also gotten a few young kids under my belt. Many times for young kids, you can do a heel stick or a finger stick, but sometimes you actually have to draw their blood from their arm (or hand) and that scares the crap outta me. But I have so far drawn on an 8 yr old, a 2-yr old and a 9-month old. First try. I dont usually get nervous with this, even my first day, until AFTER i stick a patient, but with these kids, i am sweating bullets. I really really dont want to miss. And so far i havent, i know it will happen, but at least my first few went well, so i have some confidence. Now i just have to get better at PKU's. (they are hard - there's all this technique that goes along with it and i just suck at them). Anyway, i still love it and i feel like i belong there already. Any other time i have ever started out somewhere, it usually takes alot longer to feel like i belong, but not here. and it is most likely due to the fact that my sister worked there already, but that is ok by me. She's my "in". ;)

On another note: Logan has been great with bedtime. Like asleep with in minutes of me turning out his light at 8. It is super duper awesome. I think we are on 7 or 8 days straight of him going right to bed. And the last time he didnt, he wasnt up that much longer, maybe a half hour or so and then he passed out.

He has mastered climbing his gates. They are really only a suggestion at this point for him to stay in whatever room they are blocking him into. Or to keep Devin in. (but he is fast learning from his big cousin how to escape). We found out that logan can easily scale the wall this past saturday morning. I had left for school with kathleen and Joe had stayed the night b/c my parents were out of town (and this is a big house, in the woods and it's scary.) I left at 8am and both joe and logan were asleep and the gate in his doorway was up. Around 930, Joe awoke to Logan tapping him on the face. since then, logan just climbs up and hops out whenever he pleases. So tonight, i didnt put it up at all. And he never tried to leave his room. Awesome.

And he's been eating a little better. Not great, but a little better than normal. Maybe he will actually begin to like the same food we do again. Thats probably asking too much, but i can hope. His speaking is coming along too. No sentences or anything yet, but whole lots of words. New ones everyday. Which makes me sooo happy.

Well, this is way too long. if you actually stuck around and read the whole thing, i am sorry. But thanks!! you're the best!

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