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Sunday, November 12, 2006

A mostly good day

Yesterday i had a mostly great day.

To start off with- there was no school thanks to Veteran's Day! Yae- no spanish!

First i went out for breakfast with my parents and made a pig of myself (as usual) by eating twice as much as my parents put together...yummy blueberry was good.

Then I went and had an hour massage and it was the best. I would have to say getting a really good massage can be almost better than sex. Really. I felt great when i left. So i called Anna and met her and our friend Stacie for beer and poppers at the Pub. Which was loads of fun. Then I went and got my hair cut. I donated 10 inches to Locks-of-Love and got me a new do. I am still getting used to it, but here's a pic.

After that, we went for pizza and more beer. Then i went home and took a short nap before babysitting for Devin so his parents could go to a wedding.

The day would have been all the way great if it had not been for the fight i got into with with my dad at the end of the night. And devin wrecked my back rub by making me hold him for half the night. Arrgghh...

Oh well. I had a fun day and really dig my new hair. Anna and Stacie tried super hard to convince me to cut it even shorter but i wanted to keep it long. I obviously compromised and cut it short, but you should have seen how short they wanted me to cut it. The only reason i didnt is because the cut they liked would have taken too much styling time. I really dont take the time to really do my hair. i brush it and go. This style requires a quick barrette and a spritz of hairspray, so it isnt too bad.

Well, Joe and Logan should be here soon so we can watch football together.

Oh and here's a shot of Logan Actually Eating. A hamburger. Well, actually its buffalo meat that we made burgers out of. And they were awesome. i totally recommend it. We didnt season it at all, and they are pretty lean, and they were super tasty!

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