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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Happy late Halloween

was going to post this on Halloween, but i was having trouble getting Blogger to my internet connection was all crappy too, So i ended up giving up in frustration. ;(

But, I am back today to tell you about Halloween. It went fabulous. Everyone had a great time. And this was one of the warmest Halloweens we have had in a while. I always looked forward to Halloween being the start of the cooler weather, but it was cold for a week before and then warmed right back up. I shouldn't complain, after having dealt with the 90's all summer, the low 80's will do for now. ;)

Anyway, Devin looked adorable as a little ghost, but really didnt care about the candy. But he did enjoy running up everyone's driveways and stuff. Logan, on the other hand, once he figured out the concept of trick-or-treating, had a blast. He really enjoyed knocking on the doors of people who had dogs. One in particular stands out in my mind. This very large and very angry, growling dog who for sure wanted to eat all of us for treats...Logan got all excited. The dog didnt scare him at all. Even the owner said he was mean...Logan has no fear of animals..which is cool in some ways, but a little nerve racking in another.

Here are some pics of everyone in their costumes, and one of logan painting for the very first time. He had so much fun. ;) I will post more when i have more time.

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