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Sunday, October 08, 2006

the weekend

Hey there! How are you all doing? i am doing pretty good myself. It's the end of the weekend and I actually had the whole thing off! Well, i was supposed to work friday nite, but due to a goofup on Joe's part (he locked his keys in his work truck) and a misunderstanding on my sister and mom's part (they thought i only needed a sitter for an hour, when i really needed one for about 3 hours), i ended up leaving work (at the restaurant) after only being there one hour. And i just happened to be scheduled off the rest of the weekend. (because i needed last weekend off for a wedding i went to and my manager just copied last weeks schedule for this week.) So..

Friday nite i just stayed home and caught up on some shows i had recorded (Grey's Anatomy and Boston Legal) and didnt much of anything. On saturday i had class in the morning, but that evening I went with my sister anna to this Employee Appreciation thing. She is on the committee that puts together that sort of thing and this was for employees reaching their 5, 10, 15, ect..years of service at the hospital. Well she gets to go b/c she is on the team and she got to bring a guest so I got to go. We went to the Pirate's Dinner theatre. It was fun. We got picked to be participants in the show as well (thankfully it was a very minor part!) It was funny b/c just before our pirate picked us i had just told anna how much i did NOT want to participate. and then he showed up at our table and asked us to go with him. I sucked down a good portion of my very expensive daquari and followed. (our daquari (which was unbelievably strong) was in a collectors cup and cost $12.50 each!) That was all we paid for all nite, admittance was free and we took the bus over, which was also free.

Today, logan came home and the 3 of us met anna at Beef O'bradys for lunch and had a good time. Before that we went to the park to kill time until it was lunchtime. After we got home, i took logan outside for a while and then this evening Kathleen, devin, logan and I went to a different park and let the kids play for almost 2 hours. They had a blast. Logan suddenly learned how to climb ladders and all the other things they have at playgrounds for kids to climb. I couldnt help but be nervous and stand right near or under him as he climbed up so high. And he is apparently not afraid of the tall, curvy, covered slide at the park anymore because he went down it like 20 times. He acted like such a big boy at the park today. it was so cute.

Wow, who knew taking 14 credit hours and trying to work 2 part time jobs and be mommy in between would keep someone so damn busy?!? ;) I am seriously giving some thought to quitting my old job. I really really like it at the hospital and i think i am doing good there and even though i really like making that cash in hand, i just dont know if it is worth it. Worth the hassle of working somewhere like that, worth the hassle of being so absolutely worn out on Fridays when i work 8 hours in the morning and then work that night serving and then get up early for school on sat and have to go to work 2 hours after i get back, and then having to alternate my sundays. I mean, right now while i am training at the hospital, i dont have to work weekends and i could be getting a whole lot done on those days instead of busting my butt at a place that honestly doesnt really care. Certain individuals do and they are the only reason i am still there. 2 bosses and a few coworkers are my only reasons for staying. the rest of em (and theres a lot) i could care less if i ever see again. I dunno. Maybe with me leaving early on friday and telling them i will not be attending their "mandatory" meeting (go or risk not being on the schedule ever again) - maybe they will make my decision for me. i doubt it. you have to kill someone there to get fired. We'll see. But they usually make examples of and have higher standards for those of us like me, who work hard and follow the rules and are anal about the work that gets down. ANyway...Thats all i feel like saying about that.

Well, thanks for stopping by and catching up. All in all things are going good. School is good, work is good, and the family is good. Just busy. ;) Hope to be back soon.

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