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Thursday, October 12, 2006

waiting for class

I am sitting in class, waiting for the teacher to get going...the sooner she starts, the sooner class will be over and i can go home.

I have recently discovered that taking notes on my laptop is SOOOO much easier than trying to write everything down. Turns out i type way faster than i can write, and i dont have to worry about legibility. Its awesome. I dont know why i held out for so long on doing things this way.

I left 5 minutes earlier today than usual, and wow! i got to school 15 minutes earlier than normal. I missed ALL the traffic and it was awesome. I got to school, and instead of driving around looking for a spot to park for 20 minutes, i pulled in and there was an entire row of open spots. I couldnt believe my eyes. So instead of wasting 20 minutes finding a spot and then rushing to class hoping i am not late, i got a spot right away and had 30 minutes until my class started. I had no idea what to do with myself, so i did the responsible thing and read the chapter that we are covering today. (its weird- my class is about 1/2 empty. it makes me wonder what is going today that i missed out on!)

So my new job is going great and my old job still sucks. My schedule at my old job has been cut to just one serving shift (friday nites) and i am totally ok with that. It means i will have a few weekends off! Because at my new job, during training - you dont train on the weekend. Yae! But they are making it sound like i will be going off on my own in 2 or 3 weeks. Which sorta scares me, but it is exciting too. I think i am doing good and anna tells me that i am ready to go out alone. Of course, my boss asked me to stick her to see how i was doing. Which really threw be off guard and you add to that the fact that she is hardly ever there when i am, so i am not incredibly comfortable with her yet anyway...So I get alll my stuff ready to draw her blood, and I freaking missed. No blood. I mean everyone misses, even the most experienced, but still. And i was able to tell her why i missed (i didnt anchor her vein good enough and went in right next to it) and that was good, but still...I MISSED. arghhh

So that was a little stressful, but I am getting over it. I am sure she will ask me to do it again at some point and if i miss her again, i think i will just die!

So, anyway...How is life going out there?? It is going alright over here. Logan is doing well, but we are definitely entering the fun and wonderful 2 year phase...When he can be so sweet and cute and do things that show off how smart and creative and imaginative, but then he can turn around and be such a jerk and really show his ass. When i tell him no that we cannot go outside, he will freak out. He has even gone over to a table or a wall and bang his head against it! He gets over things pretty quickly usually, but its so stressful until he does. Especially if Devin is around, b/c if one of them gets upset and hasnt calmed down all the way yet before the other starts bugging him, then it escalates until you have 2 screaming crazy children. Its deafening in that house sometimes. I feel bad for my mom, she is home with both of them right now and when i called her last, i could hear both screaming. Apparently both kids woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Logan woke up about 7am this morning screaming...(he doesnt normally wake until 830/9am)...He did the same yesterday. But the problem this morning is that devin was already over and he isnt in the best of moods today (we think he may be teething again - molars)

Well, thats enough for now, gotta get to work taking notes. Its been great...Hope to be back on a more regular basis soon. I think i am getting into the swing of things and little better. i will probably figure it out just in time for this semester to end and then i will have a whole new schedule to adjust to...oh well.

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