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Saturday, October 28, 2006

saturday nite at home

well, here it is, saturday night and I am at home with the boy. Which is cool. With my new job and school, i really dont get to see him as much as i used to and i have to admit i hate it. I loved spending so much time with him everyday, as tiring as it may have been, it was great. I am hoping next semester will be better, but we will see.

I dont know if i mentioned it already, but i lost my serving job. for not going to a stupid meeting. a meeting i told them i would not be able to attend because of school and my other job. they didnt care tho and fired me anyway. "zero tolerance" and that sort of shit. Well, i am glad to be rid of the place if that is how they feel about an employee of 5 1/2 years with loyal service and a clean record. Of course, i would have rathered quit and i was going to after christmas (i could have used the extra $50-100 a week it brought in) but it is the 1st job i have ever been fired from. And i dont like that. Of course, they will still give me a good recommendation if i ever need one. bastards. oh well.

I am sure i have mentioned this tho: i love, absolutely love, my new job. it is going great. the people i work with are cool (there is no one that is all that bad, which is something new for me. there are some i like more than others but no one that i dont like). And it turns out that i am pretty decent at what i do. I still need alot of work, but i do pretty good already. i feel pretty confident most of the time too. I wish i was part time instead of oncall, but i am sure something will eventually open up for me in that area. (i want benefits)...

Oh- and my crappy school insurance actually finally started paying some of my medical bills. So now i have to start paying my portion, but they are paying about 60% of the totals. i had really begun to think they werent going to pay anything and that i wasted all that money getting it. Granted, i probably wont renew when it's time b/c the coverage isnt all that good.

I got logan his costume tonite. we are going to the american legion's halloween bbq for the kids tomorrow afternoon and on tuesday we plan to go trick or treating with auntie kathleen and devin in their neighborhood (since ours is woodsy and dark and too spaced out)...I cant wait. For some reason this year tho, i just am not as in to halloween (or any of the holidays) as i usually am. this is my favorite holiday of the year and i am just sort of blah. Anyway, logan is going as this little mechanic kid. He already owns a pair of shoes with the Cars car on it and they really didnt have a great selection. (of course i did wait til the last minute) and i know he wont wear a mask or anything so i went with this. hopefully it fits him alright and is as cute as i think it will be. ;)

Anyway, thats all i have for now.

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