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Sunday, October 15, 2006

out on the boat!

Today Logan had his first boat ride ever! and i got to go on my dad's boat for the first time (he bought it 6 years ago and i still hadnt been on it!! just bad luck coordinating my schedule). I went to walmart and bought logan his very own lifevest (it happens to be Spongebob b/c that was the first one i found in his size).

before we got out there, i was so worried he wouldnt enjoy the boat at all, or have a meltdown or get bored (because at this age, he is just so very unpredictable and usually a little scared of the water) but he had a great time. He only got a little nervous the first time we went fast. While everyone else was fishing, he was just checking everything out. He overcame his fear of the water, because after a while he was trying to lean over the edge and touch it. I held his legs and lowered him so he could. THen he wanted to jump in. We didnt bring the ladder for the boat, (so getting in and out is really difficult. my sister and i tried...)So my dad and I held onto him and lowered him all the way in the water. That satisfied him for a bit.

when we ran out of bait we decided to motor over to an island with a nice beach so we could all get in the water, but on the way, Logan passed out in my arms. i laid him on the seat and instead we just motored in. i took pictures on a funsaver camera and as soon as i get them developed, i will post them. I was amazed- the dog was actually really well behaved out there too. He was like a totally different dog. Logan was real still and quiet at first as well. Maybe its actually them being nervous b/c they dont know what's going on.

I am so glad that this boat trip went well. I was worried about everything before we got out there and i know i hovered around logan a little more than what was probably necessary (anna made fun of me while we were out there for that), but i had fun and so did everyone else, so that's what counts. Anna tried telling me to relax and have a good time. I told her i was having a good time, and that i am used to "hovering" so it doesnt take away from my fun. She thinks i am insane, but oh well.

Now i cant wait for the next time we can go out on the boat again and bring logan. Maybe next time, Joe can come and go fishing with his boy. Logan has his own real fishing pole (not one of those plastic things, this one is a real, mini pole. its so cute), but he is a little young for it...Or a little too unfocused at this point to use it. But i cant wait until he is ready. wont that be adorable?!??

Anyway, this was a great way to end a gorgeous weekend. Now all i need is a shower. Fat chance for that since logan woke up on the way home. Oh well.

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