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Monday, October 23, 2006

He did it!

Logan actually went pee in the toilet today! YAE! We are officially on our way to potty training. And its funny, we started a while back and then when it wasnt going anywhere, and he was getting frustrated, we took a break from it. I mean, we still had him sit on the potty everyday, either in the morning or bedtime, or any other time he wanted to, but we didnt hover and ask him all day long or use the training pants. And then today, i was in the kitchen with Kathleen and we heard Logan in the bathroom.

So I went in to see what he was up to and he had put the potty seat on the toilet and was trying to put the stepstool in place and get on. So i helped him with the stool and then helped him take his pants and diaper off and he sat on the toilet. Now, usually he just plays. He gets some toilet paper and puts it in the toilet and repeats this for a bit before trying to touch the water from between his legs. So i had turned my back on him for a second while i got his new diaper ready. when i turned back around, there was what i thought was water all over his legs and the toilet. But when i got a closer look, i realized it was pee! he wasnt sitting far enough back on the seat for it to go in the toilet, so it went out instead. (boys...) I was so excited. Kathleen came in and we gave a big cheer for the big boy. He hasnt gone since, but he did wear some training pants for the afternoon and did sit on the potty after he had gone pee again, but hey, it's a step in the right direction. I am taking this as a sign from Logan that he is ready to start potty training again.

Besides, he has really hated to let us change his diaper lately, so this will be something nice to look forward to..not having to at all. And i am not fooling myself, I know it could still be a long time before he is trained, but any step is a step in the right direction!

Well. thats all the news i have really. Work is going really good. they are letting me out on my own a little. Not totally alone, but with my own rooms and patients, while someone is on the same floor as me in case i have a problem or a question. And last monday when they told me they were doing this, i was really nervous, but by friday, i was looking forward to it and today, i just grabbed my little stack and after doing ICU with Anna, i said, ok, see you after i am done. And i went on my way. Granted, i am alot slower than anna, so she ended up meeting up with me after she finished her patients on that floor and i was still working on mine. BUt oh well. And I get to go in tomorrow and thursday and work 4am-8am and help out with Fastings. (all the morning draws the doctors order...there are a lot of them in that time period. thats when they can guarantee the patients have actually fasted thruout the nite...anyway)..same deal - i wont be totally alone, but i will not have someone right there with me. Yae.

I am so glad i went for this job. I think i may have gotten fired from my other job for not attending some meeting (that they only scheduled for when i am in class and i am NOT missing class to remain a waitress, especially when i have this other job) I dont know yet for sure, my friend (who is a manager) is supposed to call me this week. he is trying to help me keep my job. I really just want to keep it until my probation is over at the hospital and until after christmas. the extra money would be nice for that. But oh well.

thats all for real this time. I am going to get logan ready for bed. He fell asleep last nite at 10 after 8 and i am hoping that since he woke up early today and had no nap and played outside alot he will do the same today so that i can be in bed by 9 again. Getting up at 3 am requires some sleep. So good nite!!!

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