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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

teeth and pain

I am so uncomfortable right now. I went and had my two top back molars forcibly removed from my head earlier today. By choice. Am i retarded or what? Well, now i am sitting here biting down on gauze and the feeling is starting to come back to parts of my face and i just wicked uncomfortable. No pain yet, but i am sure that will come soon enough. And i am hungry. And i really want a smoke. I hate the dentist. I get all stressed out and freak out over it and then when i am done, i cant even have a smoke. (i know you are all thinking i should just quit anyway...ya ya...) I cant have any hot drinks and my favorite comfort drink is hot tea. Arrggghhhhh.

Oh and i looked at the 2 teeth he pulled and man, i wouldnt suggest looking at the things that are removed from your body. They are being removed because they are broken in some way, so they probably arent pretty. Well, i think i will be going to get my pain pills soon so that i can have them for when it starts to hurt.

This sucks. I am soooo NOT a happy camper.

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