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Thursday, September 28, 2006

so little time & so much to do

Hey there. How is it going? I havent been around as much lately, and i Miss you guys. I used to read everyone's blogs everynight before bed, and here lately, i havent had a chance to read them almost all week. I mean, it is nice to be so busy, but I miss my free time too.

I feel like I am always on my way to do something...I am either at one job or the other or at school. And when i am home, i just want to play with my son, or let my brain rest and do nothing. I dont feel like doing homework, or housework or sometimes even play with logan. (I mean horseplay or outside play. sometimes i just wanna color or watch tv with him b/c i am so tired. But he always wants to go outside, which is fun some days, but on others...**sigh**i just wanna take a nap) (I miss naps) But we dont get what we want all the time do we? So i just have to make it thru this semester like this and things will ease up some. I have a much better schedule as far as timing goes for next semester.

And a sidenote to anyone in school-- dont take saturday classes. They suck. You work and have school all week and if you are like me you work on the weekends too, and to add a 4 hour Sat class to the mix??? ICKY! I understand now why they had "Saturday School" as punishment in high school. Because it sucks. I jokingly said to kathleen (who i have the sat. class with) that this is our punishment for taking so damn long to finish our degrees. we leave for school at 8am and dont get home until 2. Then i have to be at work at 4 for my restaurant job. This is after my long Friday (where i work at the hospital from 5am-130pm and then work at the restaurant 5pm-11pm) and I am very tired already. ugh. I think i might drop my saturday night from my work schedule very soon. I just need more time to get my school work done. And since Logan is at Joe's on saturdays, it would be a good day to have off. Plus that is "housecleaning day" here, so i would have more time for that as well.

Anyway, the new job is coming along great. I still really like it and today i got my 1st paycheck! Yae! I am getting more confident at what i am doing and am doing fairly well. When i see a patient who doesnt have huge prominent veins (like me) I dont shy away and just let my trainer draw them. I have actually been going for it myself. Now, if i am really uncomfortable and cant find a vein, then i let them do it for me, but my 1st week i would even go near those patients. So i am making progress. And i am learning my way thru the hosptial. I suck at navigation usually, so for me, this is a big thing. I actually have a vague idea where to go now when i see the room numbers and stuff. And it is nice training with my sister b/c we are so much alike she can explain things to me and show me things and i get it the first time thru b/c we think so much alike.

Well, this has got to be one of the most boring posts ever, but i felt like giving an update, so thats why i am going to post this anyway. Sorry. I have a good weekend coming up and i cant wait for tomorrow to be over. Saturday evening I am going to a friend's wedding and we (joe & I) got a hotel room so we can stay over and my mom is going to keep logan for me. ANd then Sunday is Devin's 1st Birthday party. Today is his actual birthday. I cant believe he is a year old already. He was so itty bitty when he was born. (he was 5 weeks early) and now he is a little stocky thing. He is so cute! Grandma and I went shopping today for his presents and i think he will like them. (i got logan something small too...couldnt help myself)...

The 1st picture is from right after he was born and had been transferred to the NICU at Flroda Children's Hospital - they had just had his christening. The 2nd one is from a few weeks ago. Nice and chubby. ;)

Anywho- Good Nite!

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