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Monday, September 18, 2006

sleep and work

Today was the first day of my second week at my new job. Today, I had the pleasure of having to be at work at 4am(!!!!!). OMG-it was horrible. Well, work itself wasnt, the whole waking up at 3 in the morning part was. Especially when you consider the fact that Logan didnt fall asleep until sometime after 11 last night. My dad had told me to go to bed at 10 and that he would take care of sending logan back to bed if he got back up again. Well, after listening to my dad try and logan cry for an hour, i finally couldnt take it anymore and took over. I got him to fall asleep with in minutes of tucking him back in. I guess he just needed mommy one more time. And my dad has a different method than i do, so that probably was just too much for an overtired little boy to handle.

Whenever he comes home from Joe's- that first night home is always the hardest. Here, we have done away with naptime. He just doesnt take one. But at Joe's, he will just pass out. On the bed, on the floor, on the couch, wherever. And he will not wake up if Joe tries to rouse him. Pushes his hand away and rolls over and continues to sleep. So, that means bedtime takes a little longer. Which has been fine every other weekend, but i never had to be up at 3am before. And my sister Anna was supposed to call me to make sure i got up on time today. She never called, but i got up right on time. I called her at 330 to tell her I was on my way to pick her up and she didnt answer. I just assumed she was in the shower or something. So when i showed up at her house at 345am and absolutely no lights were on, i knew something was up. I called her phone again and she comes running out of the house in her pj's freaking out. It is only the second time in 2 years at this job that she has overslept. Thank god i came to get her today or who knows what time she would have gotten into work. Well, she set a record today for "fastest getting ready for work ever"...we left her house at 350 and clocked in at work at exactly 4am on the dot. We rock.

In case you are wondering, they are letting me stick people now. I actually started that on my second day. (which was this past friday). Today, since i was so tired and we were not that busy, i didnt stick anyone for 2 hours and even then, i think i only stuck about 4 or 5 patients. And today, i didnt miss at all. (friday, i did great on my first one, missed my 2nd, and then got a whole bunch in a row, and then missed a whole bunch in a row...But thats how it goes sometimes.) I like working with my sister. And everyone so far is really great and super nice. There is only one woman there that i dont think i will like, but only because of her work ethic. She is nice, but lazy. And i cant stand that at work. Everyone has warned me about her, so i will just keep my eyes out for her and try to not pre-judge her until i see things with my own eyes.

It's funny- i dont get nervous while i am actually sticking someone. I get nervous afterwards. Once i am done (whether i do it perfect or miss) then i get the butterflies in my stomach. I still think about all the things i still have to learn, and i wonder how long it will take for me to get really comfortable sticking people and i get a little stressed out, but my sister is really good at trying to calm my nerves about it and give me lots of feedback.

Well, thats all i am going to write for now about work. I am sure i have bored you by now anyway. ;)

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